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Online dating week in review is back! Edition #5, ‘Federal Employee Booty Calls & a Pew Research Study!’

Edition 5 OCTOBER 23rd 2013

This past week a new Pew Research Study about online dating was released and just like tossing a cracked can of corn in a lake, the fish are jumping out of the water be the first to write about what we basically already know. Yes, yes, online dating is normal. SHOCKING RIGHT? Anyway, Slate was early to the party with a guest post that was interesting and well written from freelance journalist Amanda  Hess. It’s worth reading but if your

What Are The 2 Best LGBT Dating Sites?

First of all I need to start off this article by saying it is unfair to group together gay men and lesbian women just as it is unfair to group together bisexuals and transgender and transsexuals so I titled the article that way to both catch some attention and make that point. Just a tip for journalists that it’s not 1990 anymore and there is no need to continue to group these populations as somehow being one in the same.

2014 Match Promo codes and Free Trials, plus new ebook!

Hi guys and gals it’s a beautiful day out today and so I do not want to spend much time online today but I do want to share two things with you this afternoon. 2014 Match Promo codes First off, I am coming off a great date from last night from Match.com and that gave me the idea this morning that it would be good time to write about the best deals for Match.com. As many of you may have

When Do You Know it’s Time for a Divorce?

It's time!

All marriages experience ups and downs, and most married people will admit they’ve gone through periods when they started to wonder whether their husband or wife was truly the right partner for them. Yet how can you tell when your doubts are due to more than just a transitory bad patch? Knowing What You Want It’s important to understand what you want, and to think about whether or not it is possible to create that within your current marriage, or

Free Match dating site trial for Summer 2014, Special Offer!

  The flowers are blooming and love maybe in the air but more often than not summer romances begin to sprout in June! So now is the time to cut off any relationships that are not blossoming and free yourself up for those relationships that may go into full bloom! ….And what better way to do that then join one the the best dating sites in America, that also has the most eligible women and men!  And right now it’s totally