5 Creative Ways to Make your Online Dating Profile Stand Out!


Online Dating Profiles need to STAND OUT to be effective! When you subscribe to an online dating service, because you are so limited by how you can represent yourself, you need to make your profile really stands out! I have bashed other blogs for posts on this topic that really offer nothing new so let me try to avoid that pitfall and offer you some relevant and good advice here. Also I wanted to share your  Online dating advice YouTube

Online dating news wrap-up edition #4, week of August 10th 2013 (Tips & Gluten Free Tabloid Trash)

Ah the joys of bringing all of you the very latest online dating headlines courtesy of my trusty Google news feed about online dating.   UPDATED WITH SPELL CHECK!  When you read as many new stories as I do about online dating your eyes feel like they are going to pop out of your head! The problem is the stories are all too often basically spun versions of the last story! That is why we waited 3 extra days this

If new Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis were on Match dating site, this is what his profile might say…

So now that this season of the Bachelorette is a wrap women all over America can reclaim there Monday nights. However, with tonight’s’ finale where Desiree Hartsock chose Chris instead of Brooks; creating simply what appeared to be a winner by default, there is still to be loads of gossip and chatter in Bachelor nation offseason. Moreover, now that the cat is out of the hat that former pro soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis is the 2014 Bachelor star you

‘Online dating is the new normal’, Dating Website Review Letters

Why Online Dating is the New Normal (Dating Website Review Reader Letters) Alice T. Boston U.S.A. The “online” part might be new, but dating is still just dating. My great grandparents came from Eastern Europe. They didn’t have a chance to date. They met each other just one time before they were married; they met on their wedding day. My grandmother used to tell me stories about how her grandparents had to sell cabbages for five years to secure the