Chemistry dating site Free Communication Weekend

That’s right, it’s back! has just announced that it will be offering Free Communication Weekend Friday May 12th – Sunday May 14th 2013! The link is here: Don’t miss out this a huge opportunity to take advantage of the latest free offers from and access their entire members database. Remember, this is not like other free trials. Meaning when you use the link below you can mail all members and keep mailing them and getting all the responses you

Match versus Zoosk

Today we are comparing versus Zoosk in this review titled vs. Zoosk. So let’s start with the basics. has about 24 million members while Zoosk has just 10 million members vs. Zoosk - Online dating sites like and Zoosk are all the rave nowadays. In this day and age, more and more people are setting up profiles on dating sites. Dating sites are a big thing with people that are shy because they don’t have to

How to start your own niche dating site

What are the best ways to create a dating site?

Learn how to start your own dating site The fact is that in the online dating business lots of people are earning a considerable income. However, getting started can be a lot of work and require a lot of capital. It’s not an opportunity for everyone and it requires not just a lot of both time and capital but also online marketing skills. If your ready for the challenge though we want to share a review of the best ways

Ellen Degeneres mom joins match dating site, why her profile is better than that of Martha Stewart!

How to write an online dating profile…and why Martha Stewart can learn something from Ellen Degeneres! Earlier we wrote about Martha Stewarts’ profile and wanted to follow-up that online dating advice with mention of another celebrity on For those of you that don’t have time to stay abreast of daytime TV and/or read the latest celebrity gossip columns; you may not have the news. Ellen Degeneres has signed up mom for She’s even come up with a

Gifts to yourself this mothers day, the best dating site for single moms!

The best dating site for single moms and our online dating advice for single moms Mothers day is now just a few days away now and like every year you’re sure to get those loving little tokens of appreciation from your little ones….yes, even if they are grown now and surely that make this a special holiday special in everyone’s book; but here is an idea that may keep giving. We recently wrote an article called, ‘The best dating site for

Martha Stewarts match profile, she’s doing it all wrong! (Online Dating Tips)

You gotta hand it to Marth Stewart as if there is a great way to market themselves she is sure to find it… However, after reviewing Martha Stewarts profile there are some online dating tips we can garner from her mistakes. She is doing it all wrong. Before I get to that though here are the videos of Martha discussing joining and the SNL skit that came as a result. Saturday Night Live recently poked fun at the power

Largest dating sites – The top 10 dating sites by amount of members!

Size and quality are not necessarily correlated to one another, but membership size is important when it comes to choosing the best dating site for you. Why? Simply because you want to ensure that their are enough singles within your immediate search area to have people to choose from. Right? So you’re probably curious to know what the largest dating sites by the amount of members. Here they are…  dating sites by the amount of members These statistics were compiled Free Communication Tuesdays starts RIGHT NOW!

4/30/2013 eharmony Free Communication Tuesday Great news folks. Top dating site has just announce Free Communication Tuesday and it starts right now…. You do not need a credit card to take advantage and this is the perfect opportunity to get a eharmony free trial where you can access and exchange full emails with all members. Make sure to set up your profile now though to get the most out of the time. Also check out the latest eHarmony review

What is the best free online dating site of 2013?

So lots of you have been emailing or posting on the pages lately wondering which dating site, excuse me; which free dating site is the best? Where can I find a partner and not pay even a dime for the site. How exactly would that work? Let’s piece this together. Are you thinking okcupid, pof, or… If you want you can skip to the pof review or the okcupid review. Let me break this down for you in a little

9 Online Dating Tips for men, get more dates by doing this!

Online Dating Tips for men How to get more dates online… 1. Be smart – Use your logical reasoning skills folks. Please give us your name and what you are looking for in the opening sentences. Make sure you don’t use any nicknames or usernames that send the wrong message. 2.  Be Direct. Say what you are thinking and avoid clichés. Okay so perhaps that is a cliché in and of itself. What I mean is if you don’t want

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