The 5 Unstated Rules of Online Dating!

Are you WINNING with online dating? If not try these online dating tips

Every few months I share one of these perennial articles with basic tips for online dating. Here is the latest, which we are calling, ‘The 5 Unstated Rules of Online Dating’ If you are aiming for successful online dates, I recommend you to follow a few important rules. In this article I am planning to pass them on to you. The rules apply for both Men and Women, although some of them might be more accurate for a specific gender. So

The Rise of Adult Online Dating, what has lead to it and will it continue?

Yes, ladies they there is now even a dating site for those seeking big d-cks!

Adult online dating has been growing exponentially in popularity the last few years. While this specific niche in the online dating industry has received some flack for the practices they stand for, the rise has definitely provided new insights and blooming new opportunities for dating sites around the world. What has the rise of adult online dating lead to? Dating sites all over the place One thing that the popularity has proven is that there is a lot of room

First dates and cold weather, how to make a warm impression…5 Holiday date ideas

They are coming, the holidays are on their way friends! With that in mind here are some great Holiday date ideas… Dating in the holiday season is just more special. The colder it gets, the more everybody gets the need to go on a quest for love: nobody wants to be alone with Christmas. But in all that cold weather, your dates might suffer under the temperature. What’s the perfect winter holiday date idea? We’ll give you five solid ideas to

Juan Pablo’s ladies – Kat Hurd, Phoenix Suns Dancer leads the pack of 3 sexiest Bachelor 2014 contestants! (Spoilers)

who does Juan Pablo pick

Your love life may or may not be right where you want it to be but fans of the wildly popular Bachelor TV show are now just a few months away from the start of the 2014 season and with that in mind I wanted to give you a quick rundown of the ladies names that Juan Pablo Galavis will be dating (If you want to call it dating). So here are the ladies names who will be on the upcoming