Online dating secrets exposed, ‘The 5 Sexiest Colognes ranked by Women’ free trial offers

The Sexiest Colognes ranked by Women Your Online dating secret weapon! Were you ever curious about the best cologne for a first date? A cologne that could really make a great first impression? If so you are going to want to read this. Attraction can be fueled by a powerful tool; the cologne you wear. Pheromones have been known to do all the talking, pushing you into a lovers arms before anyone even opens their mouth to utter any words.

Wevorce, what it is, how it works, and how much it costs, what it is, how it works, and how much it costs Divorcing can be one of the most emotionally wrecking things there is. New online initiatives such as try to turn Wevorce introduction from wevorce on Vimeo. tries to change the process of divorcing by offering an online solution that tries to tick off all the boxes regarding the legal, financial and emotional spinoff of a divorce. was founded recently, and is a new start-up

How to be successful as a sugar daddy

sugar daddy dating advice

How to be a sugar daddy & be GOOD AT IT! You’re the guy that always knows how to treat her right. Girls know your reputation, but you only give your attention to that one, special girl. At a time, that is. But how do balance the role of being a sugar daddy with maintaining your integrity? We give you the low down. Buy her gifts Gifts are of course the core of being a sugar daddy. Remember though that

Maturity and Online Dating; 5 Signs Your Online Profile Says, “I am a Grown-Up!” (plus the towel test!)

online dating towel test

Are you a GROWN UP? Here are some signs that you might now be showing it on your online dating profile! Maturity and Online Dating When he says, “Keep Friday evening open, I’ve got the rest” When men show confidence it proves they are sexy, intelligent, and grown-up. Other bold and confident moves include insisting that she take you’re your arm while you two bounce from venues to venues. It’s a bold and confident move; any women would fall to

5 of the Most Annoying Things Guys Say to Women on Online Dating Sites

You know you’ve heard these silly phrases before and like most they have probably annoyed you as well! What’s a pretty girl like you doing still single Guys commenting about a woman’s’ looks does them more harm than good sometimes. Just because a female is ‘still’ single, does not mean it’s because she is ugly or pretty. The two have nothing to do with one another. It is very annoying when a man assumes a good looking female can not

Pof buys Fastlife speed dating to compete with Match stir events

Is this a sign of what’s to come? In case you hadn’t heard POF made some news recently. Pof versus Maybe not Location based online dating events that focus around activities are all the rage these days and that is what was thinking when they launched stir events this past year. As a matter of fact that decision was one is I am sure happy they made looking back. So it came as no big shock to us

What is the Match dating site words feature? (explained) search

MatchWords™ or match words as most casually refer it as it perhaps the single biggest innovation with online dating since online dating started. So in this short post I am not going to talk about things that we have covered in the past except in the context of how this feature works and why it is the ‘sliced bread’ of internet dating. Some of those topics are here that we have covered in the past such as the mobile

Blood type dating sites, the completely ludicrous!

You will freak me the hell out if you ask me my blood type on date 1. I promise you that!

Blood type dating sites, something I admittedly was totally unaware even existed have popped up on my radar lately as I was emailed by a operator of one of these Blood type dating sites last week asking for a review. I cordially declined to do the review due to the very low amount of members this dating site offered to those that it wished to hook into paying memberships. However, in the process of evaluating their dating site, a site which

5 random confessions of an online dating blogger, ‘ceviche, jumping jacks, & the mysterious intern’

’5 Confessions of an online dating blogger’ Randomness, that pretty much sums up the topics that online dating bloggers cover. It’s pretty much like this… Tireless hours arched over the computer, the whole time thinking about BASICALLY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that somehow ties into online dating. Okay so that is REALLY NOT how it’s supposed to be though, at least not when you blog for a hobby; but that has how it has felt lately for me. Writing about online

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