Online dating news roundup for the week of July 5th 2013

This week in online dating news we had everything from the Independent reporting on an update about the story with Cupid over fake profiles to really neat ads from relatively obscure online dating sites. It’s all below. HERE IS THE ROUNDUP… 1. Online dating advertising news – shared a really deep and memorable online dating tv ad from Here is the TV Advertisement. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 2. Online dating “just for views” news – Often

The 12 best or worst dating site domain names!

About once every 6 months for the last 10 or so years a brilliant or just terrible dating site domain name hits the front pages of entertainment blogs. From HuffPo to Gawker everyone gossips about the site for about a week and then it’s onto the next shocking or awful story. Yes, it’s true sometime when it comes to PR, sometime bad is good. If you can get the masses talking about any dating site, it can REALLY boost your

4th of July online dating deals, start your own fireworks!

Summer is now in full swing, at least that is from the perspective of a calendars, but yet not everyone has started thinking along the lines of fun and relaxation. School is out and the flowers are in full bloom. Why wait, it’s time to have some fun! Are you doing anything to stop and smell the roses? Are you single and not finding the time or opportunity to mingle? We may have just the answer for you; our 4th of

Online dating sites to meet single rich men and women are growing in popularity!

What you find online is a result of what people are searching for and that cannot be any more true in the case of online dating sites where singles seek out meet rich men and women! Meeting Rich men and women online Over the course of the last 5 to 7 years there has been an explosion in popularity of so-called Millionaire dating sites.  Millionaire dating sites, not far different from Sugar Daddy dating sites differ in the fact that

Online dating news roundup for June 25th 2013, “How to not be a dick, young guys, & new memes!”

La-di-da! We have a nifty new method to how we are covering our online dating news segment here at dating site reviews. We are now going to start doing a roundup and sharing the best of the headlines about online dating news. We struggled long and hard as far as what to call it and then the name that was so original hit us almost like a bolt of lightning: No time to waste so let’s get to it! Online

Breakup text messages; the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Breakup text messages, who would have ever imagined such a thing would be even a point of discussion? The truth is breaking up with someone via a text message is perhaps the single most cold and callous thing you can do to someone and yet the statistics on how many people break up via a simple text message, especially for those under 25 years old; must be pretty staggering. These days, in less formal relationships such as casual dating or

Match dating site blog shares inspiring love story involving an actress from True Blood! success stories

Match dating site blog has a really great story about Deborah Ann Woll of the mega-hit show True Blood. According to Deborah Ann who plays Jessica Hamby on this HBO show; actually met her long time boyfriend on in late 2007. Who was the guy? EJ Scott. The two have been together now for over 5 years. According to the story though, there is a bit a tragic twist. E.J. is said to be suffering for a very rare disease in which

Women looking for younger men; growing phenomenon in the world of online dating!

Some may say Demi didn't have much luck. However, in girlfriends circles the opposite would probably be said.

Women dating younger men is nothing new but as of late, we sure have noticed loads of media coverage dedicated to just that topic. As a matter of fact just today I read this article on Time Magazines website, under their health and family section. All things considered I figured it was about time I posted an article relating to both the issue in general as well as some tips for guys to meet older women as well as suggestions for

Start off summer solstice 2013 with summer online dating deals! (eHarmony, PerfectMatch, Chemistry, & Match)

According to National Geographic, summer solstice or the official start of summer for you will depend on when the sun reaches its farthest spot to the north of the equator. Each year that is a bit different but it will have just occurred where you are or will within a few hours. So what better time to grace you with a list of the summer online dating deals from the best dating sites. Here they are, 1 by 1. We have

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