HowAboutWe versus Match, which dating site is better?

A couples option? Yeah, we aren't sure either. Perhaps an attempt to compete with stir events? versus, Direct comparison in features and costs and are amongst the biggest online dating sites on the web today. While has the edge in popularity, is a somewhat newer player that is gaining ground. How do these two parties compare? We give you the low down in this article. Pricing has both a free and a paid membership plan. The paid membership plan starts at $21.99 per month, and goes down when you

4 burning questions for Chief Communications Officer for AnastasiaDate Larry Cervantes (Q&A)

INTERESTING FACTS:  Broke the world kissing record in 2011.

Mass Valentine’s Kissoff Propels Online Dating Giant into World Records Book

Dating website reviews had a chance to sit down with Larry Cervantes Chief Communications Officer for Here is the scoop from our Q&A session with this executive from the team. 4 question with Larry Cervantes Chief Communications Officer for 1. If I was considering trying a International dating service, or wanted to meet a variety of international women, why should I choose AnastasiaDate over another site? Firstly, being a leader in the international dating arena, we offer more choice, more options, and more opportunities to connect with

Dating sites for gardeners prove there is someone special for everyone!

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Is Their Someone Special for Everyone? Dating sites for gardeners, YUP they have those… There is definitely someone for everyone. The obstacle lies in locating that someone from the six billion people in the world. Some are unavailable, nevertheless, there are still a great many people left over to choose from, even if you narrowed it down to only your home country. Since so many people have joined online dating sites over the past ten years or so, segmented groups

East meets West, What is online dating like in China?

5 interesting things about Chinese Online dating sites….and some of the top sites!  So what is online dating like in China? Chinese dating sites are popping up across the country, and even have international ambitions. Who can blame them? They fulfill the needs of millions of Chinese that are looking for love, both in and outside the country. Chinese dating sites can be different from Western ones, especially due to cultural differences. We give you the low down in this