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Lovearts dating site reviews

Do you love arts? reviews Looking for a singles dating site for those that are incredibly passionate about art. Read our latest review of Lovearts… A dating website by The Stage company and aimed at cultured professionals, the Stage offers advice, news and job information for actors’ and people who love the theatre. It is aimed at the United Kingdom market but there are members from across the globe who also use the website. I liked reading the blog which follows the dates

Online Dating Industry Prepares for Launch of New .Dating Domain Names

You can bet online dating sites will be quick to secure the best .dating names once they are available for sale.

In case you haven’t heard the news ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers recently approved a massive new list of top-level domain extensions for use which are now scheduled to go on sale soon. Among this list of new domain extensions are hundreds of cities, professions, industries, and the like. Extensions like .luxury and .books are among this new list of TLD names that business can purchase and use as their primary business page. There are also a wide

Tinder app reviews

Tinder app reviews Introduction and history of Tinder dating app The Tinder dating app is one of the hottest new apps around for dating. The app was launched in September 2012, and has since grown exponentially. Currently the growth equals around 5% per day, which makes it one of the most rapidly growing apps currently in the App Store and on Google Play. [WPCR_INSERT] Tinder amount of members The Tinder dating app does over 3 million successful matches each day.

JewishMatch reviews

JewishMatch reviews is a dating website for Jewish people, it was created in 1997. It is different to other dating sites in that it has a scientifically personality analysis ‘Cyber Cupid’ to match you accurately, you will receive an email notification when a match is found. It allows you to invite people to join and form a circle of friends, a little like Facebook. If you invite 10 or more people you get 1 month’s Gold membership free, they