Sulu, George Takei tackles online dating in 2014 and beyond!

George Takei is still going strong winning fans of all ages!

Say it aint so, George Takei, aka Sulu from Star Trek is a online dating guru? Well not exactly, but I was though pleased to see George Takei was talking online dating in a recent episode of his tv show. Here is a clip! In this fun video segment George Takei talks about Tinder Dating App saying that it is, “spreading like an infection”. Gross visual I might add but true. Our Tinder dating app review is here. He also says, “For those

What Are The 2 Best LGBT Dating Sites?

First of all I need to start off this article by saying it is unfair to group together gay men and lesbian women just as it is unfair to group together bisexuals and transgender and transsexuals so I titled the article that way to both catch some attention and make that point. Just a tip for journalists that it’s not 1990 anymore and there is no need to continue to group these populations as somehow being one in the same.

The top 5 2014 New Years Resolutions

Here they are, the top 5 2014 New Years Resolutions  2014 is coming up, which of course means that you’ll be engaging in a new round of New Years resolutions! Just to make sure that you pick the right ones, we have sorted out the top 5 specifically for you. Here’s the low down: 1. Make more money - 2014 New Years Resolutions Of course: money is what makes the world go ‘round! Make sure that you end up getting a

Is the future of online dating DNA Matchmaking? Check this out!

Has the future of online dating arrived? offers DNA Compatibility testing Gone are the days that you wondered if a girl or guy is the best match that you can imagine. has actually developed a method that checks if you match up with a potential partner – based on the roadmap of your body, your DNA. DNA compatibility technology has deducted the matching system from our internal building blocks: DNA. The matching system is based on our